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Last updated: 20.06.2022


The present website and its content are the intellectual property of ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ and falls under the Law 2121/1993, as defined by international copyright and intellectual property laws, incorporated in the national law of Greece.

The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ is the sole proprietor and legal content manager of the present website.

Website visitors and users should be aware that any files or data found on the website may be the intellectual property of third parties (institutions and artists collaborating with or otherwise affiliated with the Festival) and may not be used without the express and written permission of said institutions and artists.

Defined as “content” are, without exception, all texts, images, photographs, designs, graphics, videos, applications, logos, brands, business names, trademarks and other similar features found on the website.

Before browsing through the ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ website and making use of its services, visitors and users should first read and accept the terms and conditions, which apply for all content found on the website, including all pages, graphics, images, photographs, and files. Visitors who do not agree with the terms and conditions should refrain from visiting the website and making use of its services.

Website visitors and users should adhere to Greek, European, and international telecommunication laws and refrain from any illegal and unfair uses of the website’s content.

Website visitors and users accept responsibility for any damage caused by their potentially unfair or improper use of the website’s services. The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ holds no responsibility for any damage whatsoever inflicted on visitors or users with regards to their use of the website’s services. Visitors and users are responsible for their personal use of the website’s services and are aware of the website’s terms and conditions.

Sale, amendment, storage, reproduction, uploading, downloading, republication, sharing, distribution or redistribution, publication, execution, development, translation, and mirroring of the website, entirely or in parts, are strictly prohibited for all uses (non-profit or otherwise), except for visitors’ and users’ private use.


The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ does its best to ensure that the content found on the website is as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, visitors and users are recommended to regularly check the website for possible changes.

The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ does not guarantee and is, therefore, not responsible for the content of other websites to which it may lead through hyperlinks or advertising banners, as well for the potentially false or fragmentary information found on any such websites. In no case is the Festival website responsible for other websites’ content.


Any personal information submitted by website visitors and users is managed and protected, as defined by the Greek law (2472/1997, 207/1998, 79/2000 and 2819/2000) and the European law (95/46/EC and 97/66/EC).

Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, with the exception of legal authorities in certain cases, as specified by law. The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ retains an archive of personal information exclusively for reasons of communication, statistics, and future improvement of its provided services. Website users and visitors retain the right, at any given moment, to contact the relevant Festival department and ask for their personal information to be removed, corrected, or otherwise revised.

Minors have access to the ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ website, presumably with the consent of their parents/legal guardians. Minors are not obligated to provide their personal information.

The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ receives and stores users’ personal data exclusively with website services in mind, in service of website visitors. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with current law provisions. To access their right as asserted by the law 2472/1997, users can contact the ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ via email at


The present terms and conditions bind the ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ and the website users. No revisions apply unless expressly written and incorporated in the present text.

The ‘Tinos World Music Festival’ retains the right to revise, add, withdraw, or abbreviate any information on the website, in order to accommodate the needs of its visitors and users.

In case of a disagreement, the applicable law is the Greek law.


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