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Tinos World Music Festival launches a three-year cycle of musical creation with the title “Transformations”, which aims to explore the relationship between the various manifestations of folk music culture and contemporary artistic creation.

Tinos World Music Festival was inaugurated in 2013 on the island of Tinos and is organised by the Cultural Foundation of Tinos and the cultural organisation Creative Musical Island. It has hosted over 100 musicians from Greece and abroad and has been attended by hundreds of spectators from all over the world. The artistic director of the festival is Martha Mavroidi.

With “Transformations” the festival aims to give prominence to the new musical community growing around the traditional music of Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean, seeking new ways of artistic expression. Traditional instrument virtuosi who develop the techniques of their instruments, transforming the traditional musical idioms and creating new musical genres, each one marking the result with their own particular artistic identity. Musicians from this community rarely have the opportunity to present their work at an institution that is dedicated to such genres. The “Transformations” cycle will consist of three different editions of the festival (Transformations I, II, III), in three consecutive years (2022, 2023, 2024) and will include concerts and educational activities in various locations of Tinos. The goal of the three-year cycle is to provide a platform where new musical trends will interact with one another through musical partnerships and educational activities, but will also get in touch with a wide audience, creating a musical network that includes both the local community of Tinos and the nearby islands, as well as an ever-growing audience from other regions of Greece and abroad.


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